Making Your Wax Go A Long Way

Always use a pH-balanced formulated for use on carnauba waxes, such as Helius Car Shampoo. Never use a household detergent or cleaner. It will strip off the wax from the vehicle.

Put more than one coat on your vehicle, but allow a day or more between coats so the previous coat sets up.

After your wax dries, take an area of the vehicle and one small area at a time spray a fine mist of water and buff with a Helius Microfiber Towel. You will eliminate any streaking you may see and create an overall even appearance to the finish. It is a nice follow up to a buffing of the wax.

When the bead of water on your wax tends to flatten, it is an indication that the wax is dissipating and needs another coat. Carnauba wax is hydroscopic in nature and the surface tension creates a round bubble. That bubble becomes reduced in appearance when the wax coat diminishes. It is the best indicator of whether your vehicle needs a new coat of wax.

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