Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 16oz.


A premium formulated water based silicone dressing for rubber and vinyl, both interior and exterior application. Rejuvenates, revitalizes or brightens existing finish while preventing dryness and shrinking of plastic components damaged by atmospheric pollution and sunlight. Restores, renews, and maintains dashboards, interior vinyl door panels, consoles, interior rubber and trim, engine compartments, and air vents.

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Helius Vinyl & Rubber Protectant provides shine and protection to both interior and exterior surfaces. It works well on all plastic parts, vinyl parts, leather, rubber and tires. It dries to the touch upon application and can be applied often without any concerns of over-application, clouding, uneven accumulation, or discoloration. Repetitive use allows it to penetrate deep into the material while maintaining and enhancing shine. It is water soluble and creates an invisible shield which repels water, dirt, and dust. It also aids the material to which it is applied in resisting drying, fading, peeling, and cracking caused by harmful UV, the leading cause of premature aging of car interiors and exteriors.

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1 review for Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 16oz.

  1. 5 out of 5


    Great product! Nice natural shine not too glossy or greasy looking. Great pleasant aroma too!

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