Quick Detailer with Silicone 16oz.


For quick and easy removal of finger print marks, light smudges, and dirt while also enhancing luster. Instant cleaning and shine without scratching. Used as a final detailing step to release dust and dried wax from cracks and crevices in paint or clearcoat surfaces. Dilute 1:1 with water when used as a lubricant for Helius Body Clay Bar or other clay bar  surface preparation products. Product saves time as the paint is left with a lasting coat of protection.

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Helius Quick Detailer spray is not designed to be a substitute for wax or sealant. Diluted 1:1 it is used as a lubricant for Body Clay Bar applications. It provides an unmatched carnauba shine and UV protection and with regular use, it will extend the life of any wax or sealant. It produces a natural and shimmering glow to all paint surfaces. It is gentle on previous applications of this product and will not remove waxes and sealants. The modified cleaning agents in the blend gently lift and removes surface contaminants, light oxidation of paints, and water spots. It also removes dust, fingerprints, smudges, water spots, and atmospheric pollutants off paint. It can be used in sun or shade.

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