Paint Cleaner 16oz.


Easy to use, non-abrasive cleaner safe on clearcoats or conventional paint finishes used prior to waxing to remove atmospheric contaminants, mild oxidation, and undesirable residues from road filth, bird droppings, insects, and tree sap. Produces a clean, durable finish prior to applying wax to the paint or clearcoat.

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Helius Car Paint Cleaner deep cleans all paint finishes and clearcoats prior to waxing. It is a non-scouring formula and abrasive-free which is capable of removing light scratches, lightly oxidized paint, contaminants, swirl marks and paint etching caused by bird droppings and tree sap. It is used principally in preparation for a waxing your car the first time or on occasion when the paint needs a thorough cleaning. It is easier to use on surfaces which are irregular or hard to access areas where a Body Clay Bar has difficulty in application.

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Using a Natural Sea Sponge

How to Clean Paint on Your Vehicle

1 review for Paint Cleaner 16oz.

  1. 5 out of 5


    Just bought a new F-350 and decided to start right at the beginning. I used this paint cleaner and got everything off the truck’s paint and used the premium Carnauba paste wax right after. After waxing, the black is absolutely stunning. Starting off on the right foot is important to me and Helius makes that happen.


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