Leather Cleaner 16oz.


pH balanced to match the pH of fine leathers. Glycerine enhanced to maintain and restore the suppleness and beauty of leather without removing any of its natural oils while cleaning. Preserves the integrity and durability of the leather.

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Proper cleaning of leather and applying a treatment will keep your leather interior fed with nutrients to keep the leather moisturized to prevent the loss of suppleness which leads to the leather becoming brittle and cracking. Nutrients in the leather conditioner continually feed the leather to maintain or restore that factory original look of your leather car seats. Failure to feed the leather deprives the suppleness needed just through normal wear and tear. Further, continual application of a leather treatment shields the leather from harmful UV and prevents the leather from deterioration from exposure to sunlight. The maintenance and care of your leather interior is a two step process: Always clean leather lightly before conditioning it. Then apply the treatment on a regular basis to keep it supple, smooth, and protected. Like your skin, it needs to be cleaned and treated with a nutritive substance to protect it.

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